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Hey guys! I am aware that, once more, my notorious ability to IGNORE MY BLOG has caused a supreme lack of... well... blogging. *begins attempts to woo blog once more, with chocolates and flowers and promises...*

In my defense, this is where I've been for the past two weeks, and it was so overwhelmingly awesome that it took me a week to recover and stop falling asleep in inappropriate places. (It also left me with a pile of books that I am slowly chewing through-- expect reviews here and on Goodreads soon.) This was my second year attending this workshop, and it only gets better with age. If you're eligible, and you haven't applied yet, and you like writing fantasy, science fiction and horror-- you should apply. Please. I promise you, it will be awesome.

In fact, it was so awesome that its awesomeness cannot be expressed in mere words.

Me with Ellen Kushner, author of PRIVILEGE OF THE SWORD and SWORDSPOINT, among others. She's an awesome lady, and a dear, and we love her very much. :D

And for further awesome factor, we have an official video, courtesy of Lale on Lit, who is also the most awesome book blogger and summed all of this up much better than I have. :)